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Formerly known as 'Caper' now reinvented as 'Col Darcy' hails from South Australia now residing in Melbourne.  Col has produced noted achievements with songs ‘How Would You Like To Be Me’ and a re composition of ‘Opportunity’ placed in movie 'A Second Chance Rivals' out now on Netflix.  The MC/Producer and CEO of 'Lion Heart Nation' continued to reflect his honest narrative in 8th album titled 'Beautiful Hopeless' released in 2023.  Melbournes 'Beat Magazine' had this to say about the album.  'With his latest record, Col Darcy has truly mastered his genre, with some genuinely well-crafted verses that aren’t quite like anything else currently making the rounds.  Championed by effortless lyrical flow, immersive beats, experimental soundscapes and entrancing Lo-Fi production, Beautiful Hopeless is truly thought-provoking and heartfelt hip hop, so much so that at times feels like Col Darcy is throwing rhymes over his own heartbeat'.

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